• Location: Miami, US
  • Industry: Retail
  • Product: Mobile App

Some of Miami's most interesting dishes are found in the heart of Downtown, and its restaurants are a reflection of its melting pot quality. Whether you work Downtown and have to buy lunch daily, or you are meeting with friends for some after-office drinks, it would be really useful to know which places near you have promotions and thus save time and money.

That's when Okroo came to life, a mobile app that would let you know the best promotions of the restaurants and bars closest to you. According to the Kauffman Index, Miami is the second most entrepreneurial city in the U.S., and that's exactly what inspired Craig Miller and Brenton Kosally to shake up the culinary route Downtown with a marvelous app.

They got in touch with Angel Lacret, Chief of Product Development and Cobuild Lab’s CTO to build a software product that would solve two problems: first, the app would allow users to look for food or drink promotions near them and secondly, it would also bring some traffic to those places opening an opportunity for restaurant & bar owners who could become commercial allies by promoting with Okroo.

The Challenges

The main problem that most businesses are facing is to get traffic to their stores and to be able to communicate their promotions, so most of them go to social media, influencers, or invest in a community event or sponsor a charity. The 2019 Restaurant Success Report showed that 67% of restaurants paid for social media ads; Okroo's value proposition is to enable users to discover promotions, increasing traffic, and their likelihood to spend. Therefore, there were some objectives we needed to meet when building this software solution:

  • According to the 2019 Restaurant Industry Factbook, 56% of Consumers say the ability to walk there from their home would make them choose one restaurant over another. So we needed to build an app that could easily search for places near the user.
  • The app not only had to be able to record the user's location in real-time but also to locate the business partners -bars & restaurants- with promotions closest to the user.
  • As a mobile application, it had to be easy to use, attractive to the eye, facilitate purchasing processes as well as allow for a lot of interaction between the app and the user.
  • Users had to be able to view all available promotions without taking up all the space on the screen. It was also required that users could buy as many items as were available.

The Solution

Our Cobuild Process consists of two stages: validate and cobuild. When planning the software project for Okroo we held about five meetings where we used a Value Proposition Canvas and other entrepreneurial tools to determine the viability of the product. Then we started the cobuild process, where we planned the development stages, and we put together a managed team of our best Mobile Developers, a QA Analyst and a Product Manager to transform this idea into a Software Product.

  • For the app to be able to show the user the developments near him, we added a geolocation function, which uses the GPS of the user's mobile device to record his current location and also locate the closest developments.
  • This is a completely visual app, so it was imperative to have a clean design with solid colors to make the promotions stand out.
  • We incorporated a newsfeed to the app, making it easier for the users to scroll through the promotions shown on screen.
  • To speed up the selection process we put up a “add to the cart” option to the main screen, making it possible to pick more than one item of each product.
  • The cart is configured to show the user a list of the promotions or coupons they are buying and allows them to add or reduce the number of items they want or to remove a purchase.
  • We made the purchasing process very quick and simple by linking Okroo’s mobile app to the Google Pay platform.

The Results

The result was a software product that serves as a newsfeed or social network to connect customers with businesses. Okroo is a mobile app that allows you to discover surrounding promotions for meals and drinks closest to you and at the same time driving traffic to establishments promoting the app.

When open, the app geolocates the users and the spots closest to their location. It then filters the places that are commercial allies and are promoting with Okroo, showing them to the users on their feed so they can make a choice.

We built a user-friendly interface with a very intuitive process where you just sign up, log in with your email, or log in with your Facebook account. All promotions are shown to you and once you select those you like the most you make your purchase. What’s interesting here is that the app is saving your preferences so next time you use it, it will show the promotions from your most visited restaurant first. The redemption process can be easily done from the app at the place you’re visiting.

A Juniper Research showed that digital coupon redemption is projected to rise by 94% by 2022, so things are looking good for Okroo which is already in Beta available for Android

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