Massone Mechanical

Massone Mechanical offers maintenance and installation services to commercial refrigeration companies. Offering high quality products to meet the needs of its customers. The site has a pleasing design with multiple functions where you can contact the company, know the services they offer, the projects they are working on, as well as their customers and partners, achieving an integrative experience with customers.

The Owner of Massone was born and raised in the East Bay and is an advocate of community-based partnerships

What is the Massone platform?

Massone Mechanical sought to improve its processes in terms of customer service delivery and information management, mainly needed to automate the recording of calls or service orders maintenance or installation of refrigeration equipment, improve communication of services and reception of them to field workers.

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How everything started:

I met Robert Mitchell, Head of IT for Massone about 3 years ago, we started since then working on possible solutions to improve the workflow for the company, we try different version of ERP applications and Third Party solutions. More than a year ago we realized that to improve Massone’s processes a Custom Application needed it to be developed, we spend several months reviewing the current process on the Company and what to do to improve them. Finally, we lock down a budget to start with the solution around September of 2018, in January 2019 we released the first version and we keep adding new features until today.

Like any project, doubts and concerns arise about the achievement of the objective: to satisfy the client`s needs. In the beginning, there were many obstacles, problems with development, many changes in requirements (which were accepted). After completing the first phase there was a functional product, which met its measure with customer satisfaction. There was always communication with it, and a lot of support and understanding on their part to achieve this product that continues and hopefully will continue to grow with us.

  • Location: Miami, US
  • Web Site:
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