The Match-Making app MAMA is a fun and easy-to-use connectivity tool that makes lightning-fast introductions. In a time where we are often left to our own devices, people can feel isolated and still struggle to make rewarding connections. MAMA is here to solve that problem!

Its founders Ana Keeler and Derek Stout wanted to connect people to expose endless opportunities for friendship, love, and professional connections. They teamed up withCobuild Lab a couple of months ago to start developing a new mobile app that will allow you to make professional recommendations, introductions between friends, meet interesting people, and expand your network.

The Challenge

When someone we know recommends us a professional, we are more likely to hire that person based on that recommendation. So Ana and Derek visualized a social platform to connect people through introductions from individuals we know, like, and trust; an acquaintance that acts as a “matchmaker”. It is not a social network, but a platform for networking.

  • It was necessary for the platform to be able to contain a large database of all the users.
  • The design and user experience were something extremely important to take into account during the development of this product, since we wanted to maintain clean lines, with lots of white space to make it visually very pleasant and easy to use as well.
  • The real challenge was to define the most optimal process to make the match happen. How user C could connect users A and B in the most efficient and simple way possible.
  • Other issues on the whiteboard were the functions that would allow user A and user B not only to connect but to have and maintain a conversation.

The Solution

We started planning the software project by holding previous meetings with Ana and Derek to validate the idea, and then we planned the development process, where we divided the project into three stages:

  • In the first stage, we framed the app’s interface, creating a solid foundation for all of the functionalities that would be added later on.
  • For the second stage, in order for people to connect and have a conversation, we added a variety of functions such as sending and receiving text messages, recording and playing voice notes or video messages in the app.
  • In the third stage, we incorporated the introductions to the app through a chat. And added a very easy process to make the match: when you invite people you’d like to introduce they’ll receive an SMS with the invitation to meet someone through MAMA’s mobile app and to start the conversation they will have to download the app and connect through the platform.

The Result

We always look for the best solution for our customers whether it is Mobile Apps, Web Apps, or Cross-Platforms we assess our clients and we build what works best for their business. So It was pretty clear for the MAMA project to be successful we would have to build a mobile app.

  • The platform has a minimalist design, with simple lines and a set of neutral colors with the perfectly balanced touch of oranges so distinctive of the brand.
  • The app allows you to introduce two people by typing in their email or phone number. Once contacted, these people download the app and are able to use a variety of features available to start a conversation; from chat to video call, MAMA gives its users the opportunity to create new business connections, friendships, romantic relationships, and grow your network. The possibilities are endless.

MAMA it's meant to help people build powerful connections because when it comes to networking, quality trumps quantity. We are now launching its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to start building a user base and it’s already available on the Apple Store and Play Store as well. Try it out and feel free to let us know any suggestions in the comment section.

  • Location: Miami, Florida.
  • Industry: Internet
  • Product: Mobile App
Mama 3

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