Leadvolt is a high touch lead management system that closes leads faster, provides full transparency, and empowers your agency to focus on the customer. It was founded byJason Killings and Ignacio Borbolla, and their goal was to modernize the insurance sales business structure and the way it related to their customers.

The Problem

The company wasn’t satisfied with any of the off-the-shelf software solutions available in the market to deal with its inside issues like the complex connection with mail suppliers, an obsolete interface, a very complicated process to send and receive calls, and also the lack of an easy way to build marketing campaigns via email or SMS.

You have to consider that the insurance industry, which once relied on conversations and personal relationships, was dramatically disrupted by today’s digital revolution. So, this decrease in person-to-person sales led agencies to purchase lists of leads for agents to call, but in turn, this led to certain problems like outdated workflows for customer interaction, a total lack of insight into the list’s quality and not being able to tell how good or bad was the performance of the insurance agents.

The Solution

When learning about 8base , Jason Killings finally saw the solution to his problems. The idea for LeadVolt was born, and he believed that the 8base team could bring it to life. Later, a Cobuild Lab and 8base (a sponsor of our Miami Software Developers group) partnership to develop this platform was announced.

The new platform named Lead Volt is a very specific CRM for the insurance industry. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an application that allows centralizing in a single database all the interactions between a company and its customers.

A CRM is a program or application in which all the conversations that anyone in a company has with a client, whether they are emails, calls, or meetings, are automatically saved in the file of that specific client. This file is accessible to everyone in the company; internal notes and/or activities with a date to be done can be placed on these conversations, assigned to a team member, thus improving the overall productivity.

Companies that implement CRM solutions can:

  • Increase productivity: gathers all processes and business information in one place available to everyone in the company.
  • Makes it easier to manage each sales process and emerging opportunities.
  • Create new sales opportunities.
  • Collect information for Sales Managers and Sales Executives.
  • Update budgets in real-time optimizing sales processes.

The Result

The platform allows Lead Volt to share and maximize the knowledge of a given customer and thus understand their needs and anticipate them. It takes in all the data that insurance agents purchase, it handles all the agent’s workflow including generic email drip campaigns, personal email interactions, phone calls, call transcriptions, and text messages and it offers an intuitive and elegant user experience.

“Of course, we are using the Backend-as-a-Service offered by 8base since it allowed us to develop a solution to manage three basic areas on the Lead Volt platform: sales management, marketing, and after-sales or customer service” Angel Lacret, CEO of Cobuild Lab.

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