Get work fast and get paid the same day with Jobcore. This is a web platform that allows employers to post job applications for candidates using the mobile and web app. It is the first distributed talent pool for the hospitality industry.

Introducing the founders:

Alejandro Sanchez

Alejandro Sánchez has a certificate in business administration Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, he has dedicated his life to coding since he was 13 years old and now he makes a living out of building and teaching code to others

He is founder of Geeks Developers Community, a company specialized in developing Web Apps and Mobile Apps. With offices in 7 different countries, 300 employees and more than $8,000,000 in revenues; this company connects developers from all over Latin America to share technology knowledge and a geek's own interests.

He is passionate about teaching others to code, that's how he created 4Geeks Academy The academy has 500+ alumni worldwide, 87% of the graduates had an average 20% increase in salary after completing the program. It managed to generate $1,000,000+ in annual revenues in 5 locations. Then he launched a Not-for-profit open source community. BreatheCode aims to accelerate the way junior developers learn and evolve using technology.

Source: LinkedIn

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Alvarez-Miranda is the CEO and founder of Fetes & Events, a full-service event planning and management company based in Coral Gables, Florida. With more than 10 years of experience in event planning, business development, and management, he began “Best Miami Weddings” in 2004, now known as Fetes & Events.

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What is the Jobcore platform?

Jobcore is a web and mobile platform where employers can create a job opening to search talent in the hospitality industry. The talent by using the mobile app is able to apply and work using this incredible platform and get paid faster than ever.

The Employer interface is a website where he can plan his shifts and invite talents to work for them. This interface allows you not only to manage your schedules but also to see the activity for the specific job, and track the time that your talents work on each shift. In the next release, the capabilities of making payroll will become available.

For the talent, the mobile app allows them to get notifications for open positions, apply, and full fill the shift and track payments all in one place.

How everything started:

The idea comes from Alejandro and Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos is the owner of Best Miami Weddings and for years he has had problems keeping track of how his workers report hours, because the applications on the market don't work for him. Alejandro, his director of marketing and technology proposed this idea about building a web and mobile platform custom made to its needs, and so the project began.

Alejandro has known Angel Lacret , Chief of Product Development at Cobuild Lab for about 6 years now from working together in a software company and in 4Geeks Academy. Sánchez gets in touch with Lacret so that he can put a team together and start developing this project together with them. After several iteration, the concept was expanded to create a complete marketplace for the industry, where employer can publish their position needs to a wider audience.

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