The Avsee team chose Cobuild Lab to be their technology partner in developing a platform that helps physicians and patients by facilitating follow-ups as well as providing assistance to patients by giving them guided information so they can comply with the medical plan laid out by their physician.

It is no secret that many patients find it extremely difficult to follow the treatment recommendations provided by their doctor. According to a Pan American Health Organization's research about adherence to long-term medical treatment, it is estimated that adherence to long-term treatment of chronic diseases in developed countries averages 50%; in developing countries, the rates are even lower and this is reflected not only in poor health outcomes but also in increased healthcare costs, which is why Avsee seeks to improve patients' adherence to treatment by modifying the effectiveness of the healthcare system.

The Problem

Patients require support. When talking about therapeutic adherence, there is a tendency to blame the patient for not following medical orders without taking into account the determinants related to the health system that can significantly affect therapeutic adherence. The reality is that therapeutic adherence is a very dynamic process that requires a continuous tracking and improvement approach; interventions must be adapted to the patients and for this, it is essential that professionals are trained in therapeutic adherence as they should be able to assess the patient's willingness to comply with what is indicated, advise on how to do so and follow the patient's process every step of the way.

Like any process, when the first stages are not fulfilled, the rest of the system is always affected to a greater or lesser extent. When the patient goes for consultation, he/she receives a series of steps to follow, either laboratory tests, imaging studies, or consulting with other specialists; when this fails to happen, a chain decline develops; that is, if there are fewer and fewer patients who follow medical indications, then fewer and fewer laboratory tests are performed, fewer imaging studies, fewer consultations; this results in higher costs of maintenance of equipment, reagents, health care staff, and a lower rate of income in these areas of the system.

In a parallel way, we can also appreciate that the patient doesn't take the necessary tests to guide to an adequate diagnosis and subsequent treatment, which results in a worsening of his condition, becoming in many occasions a chronic condition, which will represent an increase in health costs a posteriori as well as a progressive and silent deterioration of the patient. The healthcare system is facing new challenges and Avsee seeks to be the tool that facilitates its evolution in order to successfully face them.

The Solution

Therapeutic adherence requires a stronger commitment with a multidisciplinary approach to achieve advances in this topic, and with the rise of Digital Transformation , it is not surprising that a software product is an ideal tool to accelerate these advances; so we manage to put together a top software engineering team to start building a Custom Software Solution.

In order for health centers to be able to keep a dynamic and close follow-up of patients and their treatment, it was ideal to start developing a Custom CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Software. A CRM software is part of a customer-oriented strategy (in this case patients) in which all actions have the ultimate goal of improving the attention and relationships with customers and prospects; therefore using a CRM tool will allow healthcare providers to easily share, track and maximize the information about a given patient, its treatment, and thus understand their needs and anticipate them.

Since the platform would handle high traffic of information, we decided to use a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) method to allow data to be accessed from basically any device with an internet connection, and by using this cloud-based model we aimed to lower down costs and improve effectiveness. Now, the cornerstone of this project was to ensure the data safety; since organizations that will use this platform work the PHI (Protected Health Information), it was imperative to make Avsee HIPAA-compliant.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a set of standards or regulations to protect the privacy and security of certain health information, so We made sure to comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule (for the privacy of individually identifiable health information), the HIPAA Security Rule (for the protection of electronically protected health information) as well as the Enforcement Rule and the Breach Notification Rule which all of them apply to every party involved, from doctors to developers.

The Result

AVSEE is a platform that assists patients by updating them with their pending medical appointments and tests to keep track of their full recovery and wellbeing. Not only makes it possible to give a more dynamic approach to patients offering them the personalized medical attention that fulfills their expectations, making them feel better-taken care of and thus, increasing adherence to medical treatment but improves the whole healthcare system eliminating wasteful visits, increasing patient populations as well as revenue per patient encounter.

We built a HIPAA-compliant, highly secure Healthcare Custom CRM Software from scratch; its back-end system is made according to HIPAA safeguards and the platform is able to:

  • Help patients navigate the health system and comply with their medical plan.
  • It lets the users know how their data is protected and how it will be used and it encrypts it along the way.
  • It tracks patient progress and events to understand better what drives compliance.
  • It analyzes aggregate data through custom reports and dashboard to increase compliance
  • The system sends an encrypted link to the patient via SMS where, after a safety verification procedure to guarantee their privacy, they can access their list of pending appointments.
  • It also has a full EHR Integration which means no extra work for physicians.
Avsee effectively helps patients comply with their medical plan which benefits everyone involved in the medical care chain, from patients and doctors to hospitals and insurance companies taking the healthcare and patient approach onto the next level.

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