Community Manager

This is the person in charge or responsible for creating, caring for and maintaining a community of followers and being the point of union between the needs of clients, followers and the needs of Cobuild Lab, and ensure the online reputation of the company through the most appropriate platforms, monitoring what is said about it on social networks.

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This professional must be able to manage our social platforms by applying and executing strategies and tactics established in the company's marketing plan that make our interactions grow, help convert leads and maintain brand presence.

Duties and responsabilities

Duties and responsabilities

    • Establish and execute communication campaigns on social networks to align with marketing strategies.
    • Create strategies to the different social platforms of the company, generating more interaction and traffic on our website.
    • Develop and program text, image and video content for social media accounts.
    • Execute and monitor advertising campaigns on social networks and generate report once concluded. If there was lead generation, debug and deliver the generated database.
    • Respond to customer comments and inquiries in a timely manner.
    • Monitor and report comments and reviews online at all times.
    • Establish online relationships with clients, potential clients, industry professionals and the media.
    • Perform metrics and create reports including recommendations for each social network.
    • Communicate adequately the use of the product or service.
    • Apply the crisis plan. Prepare the calendar of publications on social networks in collaboration with the Content Writer.
    • Participate in the graphic design of the posts for networks or design them per se according to the content plan for social networks.
    • Other assigned duties and responsibilities if needed.


    • Proven work experience in the area (have a portfolio of accounts).
    • Experience in the use of social media tools such as Creator Studio, Social Gest, among others.
    • Experience in the use of bulk mailing managers (MailChimp).
    • Knowledge of graphic design; management of graphic design and animation programs. (Adobe Illustrator, Premier, After Effects) - not limiting.
    • Bilingual (English-Spanish).
    • Excellent oral and written expression skills.
    • Management of interpersonal relationships at all levels.
    • Ability to work in a team in an environment under pressure.
    • Ability to interpret website traffic and follower engagement metrics.
    • Accurate attention to detail and the ability to multitask.
    • Capacity for initiative, planning, order, delivery times and discipline for work.
    • Have responsibility, commitment, creativity, dynamism, pro activity and honesty; Customer orientation, empathy, active listening, negotiation skills, achievement orientation, and innovation.
    • College’s degree in Communication, Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Design or related career.