6 reasons why you may need staff augmentation software development

6 reasons why you may need staff augmentation software development

Staff augmentation is capable of providing companies with lots of advantages when used correctly. Lower operational and development costs, fewer legal liabilities and paperwork, fewer headaches when hiring, more flexibility, higher performance, and team size, are just some of the main benefits you will enjoy when using staff augmentation services, but you may be thinking at what time or in what situations should you apply for this. Here we'll introduce some scenarios.

Reasons to start a staff augmentation software development process

* When you need a specific skill set

software development

This is one of the main reasons why companies seek to opt for this kind of services, since many times you do not have qualified personnel in specific or very complicated areas, and this can bring you problems as a company since it limits you in the developments and in the possibility of being able to adopt new projects.

Adopting this modality you can quickly improve your development team, and even be able to bet on new projects without any problem, opening to a new trend in the market.

* When you experience unexpected growth

business growth

Sometimes companies experience economic growth that had not been projected, caused by various factors such as changes in the market or simply because you got a big client that does not skimp on spending for the development of a new application or software.

These growths usually come with a lot more work than what you were already doing, so it is possible that your staff or development team cannot finish all the tasks and complete the projects in the estimated time. With staff augmentation, it’s possible to meet all these objectives and in a quick way.

* When you complete a complex development project

development project

When a project is completed or is in its final phase, you must ensure that the project has been completed to the specifications and that it is suitable for the demands of the global market.

Especially when the project was very complex and with a long development process. It's happened that the development team recommends hiring professionals to review the application and ruling out possible flaws that the original team could not perceive. In that way, you ensure efficiency and quality. All of this is done before its official launch or implementation.

* If you want to reduce contracting costs, and make the project more profitable

save money

This is a great alternative if you want to reduce operating costs by hiring and ensuring the effectiveness of the software or application. When hiring an employee, you must introduce him to the company, perform several tests with that person, train him for the project and all this can take a long time and generate challenges with delivery times.

Sometimes it can be more profitable to opt for staff augmentation since these are usually highly qualified personnel, with the specific skills you need for the development, and the best thing is that it is for a determined period of time until the development is finished.

* When you want to maintain control over your software project

control over project

This is a great alternative if you want to follow the development of your project more closely. If you outsource a company or supplier, you would miss many of the development stages. On the other hand, with this modality, you can better monitor the development and performance of your individuals. When you augment your current team, you keep the project in-house and on-site and maintain 100% control. But don't confuse the modality. Staff members are not your employees. They're just qualified personnel for specific projects or tasks. When they finish, you won't have responsibilities with them as you already have with your internal team.

* Minimize Risk

minimize risks

Minimizing risk in a project is of the utmost importance for its development. When you enter into a new project and have a commitment with another company that is very large and is investing large sums of money, this means that you must increase your qualified personnel to meet delivery times and launch dates. This is why today companies are opting for this type of contracting as it allows them to greatly minimize risks and stay at the forefront of the international market.

This is why companies are increasingly adopting this type of hiring, this way they are guaranteeing to have a qualified staff, reduce operating costs and much more. Don’t miss the opportunity to start with this, and apply it in an efficient way in your company so you can put it at the top of the development world.

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