Video Marketing Software for 2021

Video Marketing Software for 2021
Internet users consider video as a highly enjoyable form of content. A look at video marketing statistics reveals that 82% of consumer internet traffic comes from video. Since video caters to the visual and auditory senses of an individual, people are better receptive to a message that is conveyed through video. Studies show that viewers retain 95% of what they watch in a video as compared to the 10% they recall while reading text.

Brands have realized this trend and are keenly looking at ways to leverage video content. Today 86% of brands have video as a part of their marketing initiatives. As a result, there is a consistent rise in the demand for video marketing tools and software. To cater to this need, several tools have emerged and a thorough investigation is required to identify the best one. To help you in your video marketing endeavors, we have curated a list of the top seven software that you can use.


If you are a professional video marketer who would settle for nothing less than the best, Animoto is the ideal software for you. The tool has hundreds of video styles and thousands of licensed songs that you can use to set the mood of the video and effectively convey your message.

Since video marketing gets an average company 66% better-qualified leads every year, investing in such firms is worth every penny. With Animoto, you can create HD videos that will allow you to grab the attention of your target group.


Today, over one-third of all digital activity comes from watching videos. A significant portion of people watch videos to lighten the mood, entertain themselves, or have fun. Thus, if a brand uses animations, GIFs, and other fun elements in a marketing video, they are more likely to get noticed.

With Wideo you can create professional-quality animated videos in a matter of minutes. The interface of this is highly intuitive, and even newbie editors will be comfortable in it. With Wideo, you can download your video file in MP3 format and upload it to any platform of your choice. For brands that are keen on social media marketing, Wideo gives the provision of using the platform to directly upload the video on Facebook.


In 2021, it is estimated that an average person will view 100 minutes of video every day. Hence, creating quality videos will no longer suffice, and brands need to focus on delivering consistent videos, or else, the viewers will lose interest in the brand and switch to more engaging content. In such a situation, brands cannot devote a lot of time to creating video content. This creates a need for swift video editing tools such as InVideo.

With InVideo, you get access to hundreds of video templates, and you can make quick selections to create a video. InVideo has a huge library of media files that you can leverage while creating your marketing videos. The videos made with the premium version of the app are free from the watermark, thus giving your marketing videos a professional look.


Powtoon is simple to use, provides great service, and does not burn a hole in your pocket. With this tool, you can come up with creative videos that will generate a buzz about the product that you are trying to sell. Powtoon allows you to adjust the aspect ratio of your video, thus making it the best choice for creating social media videos.

Statistics reveal that one-third of the most-watched Instagram Stories come from brand accounts. With software like Powtoon, you can create poignant videos for your Instagram 15-second Stories. The drag-and-drop feature of Powtoon makes editing an enjoyable experience.


Twitter gets more than 2 million views on its video content every day. Investing in videos with advanced graphics will allow your content to gain visibility and give you a good ROI. Wistia is the perfect editing software for marketing professionals who wish to create quality content that they will cross-promote across multiple platforms. You can export multiple formats of the edited file and upload it to the platform of your choice.

Wistia has dedicated guides that teach the users hacks and tricks to improvise their marketing videos. The audio track mixer feature of Wistia allows you to come up with catchy tunes and jingles that improve the recall value of your marketing videos. With Wistia, you can go for effective color correction of your clip and create HD videos.

Vimeo Business

By 2022, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will come from streaming videos and their downloads. If your focus is creating marketing videos that will drive traffic to your website, then Vimeo Business is the ideal tool for you. The tool can effectively work on videos of all sizes and allow you to publish the videos directly on popular sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

It is one of the few video editing software that doesn’t have any size file restriction. With this tool, you can upload video files that are as large as 7TB at a go. Further, the advanced privacy and player customization features of this tool make it a perfect choice for professional video making. Vimeo Business also supports 360-degree videos and allows you to share them on your desktop, TV, mobile, or other devices.


Interactive videos are a new trend in video marketing. Surveys have established that 43% of businesses intend to have video as a part of their marketing initiatives in the coming year. If you are one such business, then Viewbix is the appropriate software for you. Viewbix has a SaaS-based builder that allows you to create interactive video content.

Viewbix has dedicated features that allow for cross-promotion of file contents. The tool also has some of the best analytics features that allow you to have a detailed understanding of your video performance and shortcomings. Thus, if you are a brand that is keen on learning from its mistakes and carving your success story, then Viewbix is the perfect choice for you.

The journey of video marketing requires you to focus on multiple things at the same time. You need to script, film, and edit your video in a manner such that it appears visually appealing. Then, you need to optimize the video for search engines and social media platforms to ensure that they reach the target audience.

The last stage would require you to study video analytics to gauge the performance of your video and identify opportunities for improvement. As you work your way through the lifecycle of creating marketing videos, the software discussed in this article will give you a much-needed push.

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