User stories get the software market more human: Discover Why

User stories get the software market more human: Discover Why

Since the world exists, humans have had the need to communicate. Effective communication is a basic human necessity (Maslow). User stories are part of this necessity, in the software development world.

Thanks to User Stories we can know better people necessities, desires, and requirements. Also, we can measure the market trends and the best, develop a better product through the time.

User stories: definition

As we always do, the first thing we make in every post is to define clear and concise what is the meaning of the topic, and this case it is user stories.

User stories are descriptions made by users, who have expectations, reviews, suggestions, and comments about a software product.

These comments you and your team can take it to get a better product, satisfy users and get more success in the market.

How are conformed user stories?

In user stories, customers even developers or team members talk about software features and performance.

User stories could have a product expectative, complete information about the customer profile, and one of the most important things, the functionality of software product, including a possible guide to how will be the product in short and medium time.

These are some benefits of user stories for your brand

* Task’s direction during the software development process:

Is possible because of breaking down user stories tasks are create to have done in every phase. Thanks to user stories you will make clear and concise the process.

* Product functionality gets better every day:

After you, the best judge will be users.

User’s opinion is the best filter to all software product. Why? Because there are all necessary things to satisfy market and clients requirements.

A user will give suggestions about how you can get better your software, the customer’s experience, even you can find errors to correct them.

* Good reputation in the market

A good reputation is the best way to sell. But How you can create one?

If you take into consideration users stories and suggestions, it will be likely to happen. It works like a chain. You satisfy customers requirements and suggestions, and they will share with others their good experience.

That's the reason why users stories can give you the opportunity to succeed

* All requirements can be attended

These are related to the previous point, and they are important because customers are going to buy. They support the company economy, that’s why is very relevant to satisfy them.

* High-quality products

Following requirements and suggestion of user stories, you can make the best version of your software product.

They always tend to get better the product performance.

Tips to do user stories in the right way

1. Less is more:


Generally, a good user story is written in three or four lines, including details.

This rule applies to ideas, business ideas, goals and lots of things that need to be described.

2. More user stories collaboratives


How we said, user stories can be made from team members. Two or more people think better, that’s why you can join some members to create a really creative user story.

This tip also applies to customers.

3. Use experts and customers


We recommend you use testers, team's members, customers and different kind of people. All of them will have a different view of the software product, and they will tell you different aspects that you have to correct.

4. Focus on what and why


Sometimes, could happen that a person is not specific in his or her user story. At that moment, you only need to know what he or she wants and why.

To have more information, you can describe in a few words the person profile. That can help you to understand better.

5. Make it public


If you compare the results of each user story, you will profit the content. Always it’s a nice idea to make it.

A bit of history

Some years ago, exactly at 1998, Alistair Cockburn visited the Chrysler C3 project in Detroit and said: “A user story is a promise for a conversation.” This will be the beginning of user stories.

Specifically, with Xtreme Programming XP was the first-time user stories were on the table. From there, they usually are used in agile and scrum development’s process.

Now you can use them and take advantage of the market thanks to them.

User stories are so important to satisfy customers, achieve features and capitalize the market. Start using them and take advantage of its benefits. Good luck!

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