Top Benefits of Robotic Process Automation in Logistics

Top Benefits of Robotic Process Automation in Logistics
Logistics and supply chain management is currently one of the fastest sectors evolving towards digital transformation. More and more companies are joining technologies, helping to reduce time and errors significantly.
Part of the digital transformation process in the area is linked to Robotic Process Automation. In the next post, we'll be showing you a little more about what this technology is, its functions, and some of the advantages you might enjoy if you decide to start applying this modality today.

First step: What is robotic process automation?

This technology consists of the automation of every process within the company using robots and software programmed to execute activities, tasks, and processes such as data entry, ordering supplies, sending shipping notifications, and transfer of goods, among others.

Process automation combines process steps with decision models or business rules with little or no human supervision. Every activity performed by these robots is learned by them and taught by us, so that they perform a sequence of steps, at lightning speed, without errors, and without interruption. That is why this technology is related to machine learning too.

How to apply robotic process automation to logistics and which benefits you get by doing it?

Scheduling and tracking of shipments:

Shipments and scheduling in the logistics tasks of a company is of great importance because it's the only way we can ensure that users enjoy the product. RPA bots in logistics can help by automatically extracting the necessary data from incoming emails, enter the internal scheduling system, enter the extracted data such as bills of lading, carrier invoices, etc., send the shipping requests, send automatic emails to partners to plan the shipping time, and then enter it into all necessary forms and make alerts for employees. This reduces manual work and streamlines processes.

Better inventory control:

Inventory management within a company is an extremely delicate process since it provides us with information such as the quantity of a specific product, its exact location, any damage, sudden change of storage, etc. Implementing this technology, would help us make projections on, how fast our product can be finished, studying the employee behavior, which also helps to make projections, and it would the process of sending automatic notifications to the financial responsible when there are not enough materials or products.

Improve billing processes:

Invoicing processes are usually tedious and often hated by employees, as they are complicated, robust, and very laborious. Implementing this technology can make things a little easier for employees as they can automatically create and accept invoices, attach all necessary documents, fill out standardized forms and send all updates to customers' B2B portals.

Better Customer Services:

Representatives handle hundreds of inquiries a day. By leveraging these technologies, the customer service team can be assigned to focus on the most complicated inquiries and use software bots to answer basic inquiries without judgment, thus providing the highest possible level of service.

Easier integration with systems:

One of the most positive aspects of this technology is its ability to adapt to any system or tool, in different industries, it tends to be highly versatile. Software robots can be taught step-by-step how to transfer data from one software system to another, freeing personnel from performing time-consuming routine actions for hours at a time.

The most notable result of effectively leveraging robotic process automation is improved overall customer satisfaction. The automation of logistics management processes makes organizations more efficient by automating processes, improving business operations, reducing costs, and increasing productivity. This is why this technology is expected to grow by 32.8% from 2021 to 2028. So don't wait and start today.

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Robotic Process Automation is part of our proposal to business owners who want to take their logistics and supply chain processes to the highest level and avoid all post-pandemic challenges. We have the experience and the capacity to carry out your company into the digital transformation path developing machine learning and robotic automation solutions. If you are interested, please leave us a message.

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