How it must be a good software architecture

How it must be a good software architecture

As a building, if a software doesn’t have a good architecture or structure, the future probably won’t be hopeful. But don’t worry, we are here to solve every detail and make your software product likely to succeed, that’s why we are talking in this post about that really important step in a software development process. We refer to software architecture.

First, let’s learn the meaning of software architecture

To know more specific and specialist information about anything, we have to define the concept very well. In that way, you need to know that a software architecture is a structure which will define the development process.

It works like a develop guide to the developer’s team, to guarantee four important things: security, scalability, performance, and quality of your software product.

Now, a software architecture created in the best way must mix the technical and business expectations. Don’t just be for developers, user’s necessities and desires are important too.

Talking about software architecture, these are some characteristics to have in mind:

If you want to develop a software because you thought an amazing business idea, keep calm and select the most expert team for you. But, how you can recognize it? With software architecture is possible. For that, we are going to show you some minimal or basic characteristic you have to see.

1. Reliability and scalability:

Both concepts are considered key characteristics. The first is related to trust, having enough security: This point is one of the most important in the computing and technology world. A product that offers security to the customer has more chances to be bought or downloaded. So, reliability has to be present in a software architecture. Meanwhile, the second one is related to evolution, the opportunity to grow through the time: This characteristic is really important, taking in consideration that the market is dynamic, and user’s necessities now won’t be the same 5 years later, for example. Or now we can have 100 users, but tomorrow we can have 1000 users and software must be functional in a good way.

2. Maintainable

This characteristic of software architecture gives us the opportunity to change or correct a thing in the software without affecting other aspects. Also, this characteristic should be present during the software development process and after the software product launching. Software architecture has to have the way which maintainability will be possible in those times, with enough details and steps to follow.

3. Fail endurance

Despite your software quality, knowledge of the developer’s team and good software development process, when you less think, a fail can appear. At this moment, relax, if you had a good software architecture, this ítem must have been present in some way to be solved without affecting the software performance.

These are some basic characteristics of a really good software architecture, so you know, request for each one and begin well your software product.

What can you gain planning software architecture?

Basically, at this point, we are talking about how much important is a software architecture for your business project.

In a few words, quality attributes of your software only can be reached and guarantee if you have a software architecture, a good way to structure the system.

With these elements, your performance will be the best; your product will be downloaded a lot and your bank account will be in heaven.

Software architecture patterns: most common

* Serverless architecture It is a kind of architecture where the management of backend and server complexity is solved by third parties.

It is divided into backend services and function as a service.

* Event-driven architecture

This pattern we are going to explain it with an example. Let’s think.

If we have a software where there are customer and seller module, activation of one will activate the next with some activities or task.

To explain better, an event-driven architecture is defined as a pattern of software architecture that depends on events, which are generated by producers and customers and they are decoupled in parts. And each part will activate when found an interesting event on the other module.

* Microservices architecture

This is maybe the most common software architecture pattern and one of the most practical.

At microservices architecture the system it’s divided in small, independent and modular parts, which activate when it is necessary to solve a specific task.

Each module is communicated thanks to an API and that’s how your software could be completely functional for customers.

Software architecture and design are the same?

Definitely NO. Most people tend to confuse or think they are synonymous, but they aren´t.

Software architecture is a structured solution, while software design is referred to code level design, function purposes, etc.

It’s not the same but ¿What is software design in few words?

Software design is a written description of a software functionality product.

Be careful with both: software architecture and design. Why? We recommend you because this is the formula of a good and successful product, that can evolve according to customer requirements and technology evolution.

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