How to Optimize Your Warehouse with Technology and Organization

How to Optimize Your Warehouse with Technology and Organization
Managing a warehouse is complex, from inventory management to shipping logistics, it’s important to have the right set of equipment and tools for efficiency and safety. Fortunately, there’s technology and software designed to make warehouse operations run smoothly. Use this guide, presented to you today by Cobuild Lab , to learn how to better operate the warehouse division of your business,

Warehouse operations tips

Every warehouse has its challenges, and if you’ve consistently run into issues with storage or inventory management, it’s time to look at ways to improve your operations.

To get the ball rolling on optimizing your warehouse, first consider your leadership structure. Do you have a warehouse manager or are you managing the warehouse from afar? It’s vital to have a dedicated warehouse manager who can understand both how to run the daily operations while having an understanding of constant optimization strategies.

Your warehouse manager has a number of important tasks: along with daily operations, they should be responsible for hiring workers. Managing their team with efficiency and strong leadership is vital, so ensure you find a manager with leadership experience. Your manager should also know how to troubleshoot and fix problems that arise, so previous warehouse experience will help enormously.

Your warehouse should aim to efficiently utilize storage space , labor, and equipment while also meeting customer expectations. Think vertically when you’re considering storage, and create a system that will help your team easily find products. It’s also vital to adapt over time: the supply chain is always evolving, so having your operations be flexible will help you pivot when necessary.

Tech tools to run your warehouse

Eventually, many of the world’s biggest warehouses will likely be entirely run by robots. While you likely can’t lean on robots for everything just yet, there are plenty of clever systems designed to help businesses manage their warehouses.

Warehouse management systems (WMS) have come a long way: voice technology, machine learning, and a plethora of mobile devices make it easier than ever to track inventory and perfect operations. WMS software can automate warehouse tasks and identify process optimization at the same time.

There are a number of WMS options out there: you can opt for a standalone WMS system that will primarily optimize your warehouse, or you can go broader with a supply chain module that will help manage vendor relationships, business processes, and even risk assessment. The type of system you choose will depend on your budget, the size of your company, and the scope of your business operations.
Another great technology for warehouse management is an automated picking tool. This will eliminate the need for a warehouse worker to retrieve inventory and will help your warehouse achieve near-perfect picking rates. Choosing warehouse optimization tools will be a great ROI for business owners, helping save money on mistakes.
Lastly, it’s important to put a disaster recovery plan in place in case you are the victim of a cybersecurity issue such as a ransomware attack. In addition to a recovery plan, Commvault recommends taking steps to prevent any shortcomings , as well as put a system into place to help you monitor your system. A hacker can disrupt your processes and your business, which could cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Safety enhancements

Warehouse accidents are unfortunately common, but many can be prevented by implementing safety procedures.

One of the best ways to improve safety in a warehouse is by using colors to denote risky areas. All heavy machinery in your warehouse should stand out: using colored safety signs and marking out key risk zones will help keep your workers out of danger. Implement high-visibility vests and hardhats as mandatory for your warehouse workers, and include safety glasses if necessary.

You should also implement impact protection systems in case an accident does happen in order to protect your team and your equipment. Products like guardrails, safety barriers, and column, post, and corner and edge protectors are all great safety measures. In addition, your staff should attend a safety orientation when hired, and your manager should conduct safety audits frequently to ensure compliance.

Running a warehouse with efficiency comes down to a few main areas: hiring a great warehouse manager, implementing technology such as WMS software, and ensuring safety protocols for your workers. By improving your warehouse efficiency and safety, your business will grow and thrive over time.

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