Miguel Muir is the new Enterprise Business Development Manager at Cobuild Lab!

Miguel Muir is the new Enterprise Business Development Manager at Cobuild Lab!
Miami, Fl. March 11th, 2021.

The first quarter of the year is looking very bright for Cobuild Lab, as the company grows so does the team! Miguel Muir has joined the team leading business development efforts for Enterprise Software Development.

Miguel’s interest in sales comes ever since the beginning of his professional career. During his 20-years in the Navy, he served as a translator/interpreter interfacing with civilian vendors and U.S. Embassies for the timely delivery of logistical support when visiting U.S. Navy ships. After his retirement, Miguel went full-on into sales working as a Market Research Consultant conducting multi-language market research projects in the U.S, Europe, and Latin America, designing databases to track trends for market research for MGT Information.

By 2006 he was working as a Business Development Specialist at Winn Technology Group where he was responsible for Lead Generation in a B2B environment and then spent the last 12 years coordinating import & export shipments to a customer base in the Caribbean, Central, and South America as International Sales Manager at Euro Vision International, Inc.

We’ve grown to a point where it became pretty clear that in order to run our Software Company in the best way possible we needed to add new and experienced talent to the team. We needed someone with an open mind, goal-oriented, and experienced in B2B business development as well as experience with logistics companies. We interviewed a lot of candidates and Miguel was definitely the right fit for this role

Angel Lacret, CEO at Cobuild Lab.

Miguel will be in charge of managing organizational sales by developing business plans, meeting planned goals, tracking sales goals, reporting tangible results, and coordinating with our marketing department on lead generation. He will also be responsible for building good relationships with new and existing clients to try and ensure their business in the future.

With an experience as vast as his music library, we asked Miguel how could someone sell ice to Eskimos? Here's what he said:

Building a good relationship with the customer is the best way to sell, so when I first meet someone especially a foreigner, I will ask them about what kind of music they like or I will try to remember what music from that country I already listened to and I've had instantly created a connection with that person

At Cobuild Lab we’re firm believers that every single time we’re writing a line of code we’re writing our future. We build software products such as web or mobile apps that run our lives and change the world we live in. Working in Tech means working in the future, from the Internet of Things to Blockchain every man and woman in the industry is a visionary and passionate creator who thinks outside the box, so let’s wish Miguel the best. Thank you so much for reading!

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