Let’s see 7 techniques to bring innovation to your business

Let’s see 7 techniques to bring innovation to your business

“Entrepreneur: Innovation is going to be your best friend”

Maybe you have heard something like this before, but trust us, it never hurts to repeat it. More than a necessity, it is a creed for everyone who is in business. Innovation to your business is the key to be different, to keep the customers’ attention, and offer something new, something special that makes you control and succeed in the market.

But first, you have to know what is exactly innovation?

An image has more value of a thousand words, that’s why we select this video to explain you in a few words the meaning of innovation.

To complete this information, we have to say that innovation is taking an idea that has been created before, and add something new or change it at some point.

How to do it? A good way could be to study desires and necessities in the market, to use newer technology, and generally, get the idea better.

To accomplish this, you need to follow some steps and to do some activities. Getting better an idea sounds easy but it is not.

Some people think that innovation could be considered as a talent which not everyone has. But thanks to science and some experts, we can prove that innovation is possible for everyone who works to develop it, and the best way to make this happen it is following techniques and making exercises.

Next, we show you some of these techniques to bring more innovation to your business.

7 techniques to bring innovation to your business

How we said, innovation can be a feature in your company, but you have to grow it and to do whatever is needed for developing it through time.

In effect, some people have created some techniques to achieve this goal, and we are going to show you some of them so that you choose which it is better for your business.

Let’s learn!

1. Brainstorming

This innovation technique process is maybe the most common and popular. It was one of the first.

A brainstorming is literally a storm of lost of ideas. You can make it alone, but it works better if you join a creative team, and write, talk, discuss each idea until getting it perfect.

To do a brainstorming, first of all, you need to establish a period of time of creating. It could be 30 or 45 minutes which you and your team is going to write everything that crosses your mind.

Then it will be the moment of the judge, considering every idea and to listen to opinions about them.

In the end, you can decide, put it together, discard some or whatever you want with them.


Stands for:

  • Substitute
  • Combine
  • Adapt
  • Modify For
  • Eliminate
  • Reorder

This innovation technique applies once you have a product or service. Actually, it is born from them. It is really useful when your business needs to innovate, to keep customers and maintain its position in the market.

When you have a product or a service, you only have to follow this steps: substitute it, combine it with everything is necessary, adapt it to new requirements, modify it for improving, Eliminate whatever is needed, and/or reorder it to launching again in the market.

3. DO IT method

Surely you thought that it was related to the phrase DO IT? Though it could be, this innovative technique is called in this way because it is an acronym of Define the problem and Open the mind to solve it. Then Identify the best solution and then Transform it into something real.

This is a really nice technique not only for innovation, for solving incidents too.

So DO IT technique more than a call to action it is a call to identify something that could be better into your business and make it happen.

4. Empathy mapping for innovation to your company

To do this technique you literally will make a map.

In the beginning, you need a white paper that you are going to divide into 5 areas (sees, hears, thinks, and feels about the product or service you are offering in the market).

Select 5 members of your team and assign them one. They will have to write on the area and then change the position. In that way, they will give opinions about every area.

In the end, you will have 5 perceptions about a business idea, a product or a service. But what will you do with this? Compare them and to take into consideration to bring innovation and getting it better.


5. Belbin characters

This innovative technique is centered on roles. Roles of people have in every company.

So, to do this method, you have to separate your team and give them a role. They need to evaluate and create from this role. Then you can discuss it and take opinions from everyone, but the best, you will reflect on it.

A good idea it is assigned roles different to what they made commonly. In that way, you will improve creativity and innovation to theirs, and you get more objective information. It is the teamwork in essence.


6. A day in the life

This method is basically a text about daily work and experience of people who are involved in the company or consume your product or service.

While they are talking about that, someone else is writing to keep this information and used it to innovate.

It is necessary to classify it in a timeline for organizing it.

You can repeat it how many times you consider it necessary until getting enough information.

The next step will be joining a team, and to do a brainstorm or a discussion of this process for innovate it and improve them.


7. Remember the future

What should your product do? It is the question you are going to do to customers or people who are innovating in your company.

To do this technique in a better way, you ask them in the future and the present.

It means you can get information about what is working well a what is not. In that way, you will know where do you have to apply innovation.

And the answer in the future will give you a guide to go in the right direction. But be careful, this is only a guide.

Making the comparison between the point you are and where you can be, to discuss it and getting good results, you finally will have improving innovation.


Innovation to your business will be your best investment. Time, resources, people and whatever is needed to make it happen always bring to your company successes and good reputation in the market. Do you want to have this? Begin to innovate in everything and enjoy results.

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