Deep Learning solutions and applications for your business

Deep Learning solutions and applications for your business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been evolving rapidly and steadily in recent years, going from being a scientific research concept in different laboratories around the world to becoming a practical work asset with very clear and well-defined purposes and applications in various business areas.

So, what's Deep Learning?

One of the fields that AI comprises is Deep Learning, which focuses on building programs and computer systems that can manage data to transform it into useful information that generates knowledge without the need for human supervision. In other words, this type of artificial intelligence mimics the way humans learn.

For this, various platforms focused on machine learning management have been developed, such as IBM Watson, Amazon Machine Learning, Azure Machine Learning, and TensorFlow where today various business applications can be developed tailored to the needs of each company interested in this type of solution. In the past, many of the advances in this area had been of little use due to existing technological limitations.

However, now, with the latest advances in neuroscience, as well as with the increase in the processing capacities of computer systems, big data, and the improvement of online services such as Cloud Computing, it has been possible to accelerate the development of systems capable of imitating aspects of how human beings think and act.

Dozens of various practical applications that have been carried out and used daily by millions of users are based on advances originated from Deep Learning.

Deep Learning applications

More and more companies are using machine learning for their applications, as they can make various predictions with them, including robotics companies.

Let's go over some of the most frequent uses of Deep Learning in marketing, healthcare, cybersecurity, transport, and logistics industries:

  • Predict customer preferences.

  • Identify potential customers.

  • Target ads to customers.

  • Detect fraud and manage customer relationships.

  • Understand gene mutations, diseases, and therapies.

  • Analyze medical images in less time and with greater diagnostic precision.

  • Use of images instead of using keywords to search for similar products or articles from a company.

  • Identification of company logos and brands in photos published on social networks.

  • Monitor reactions in online channels in real-time during the launch of a product.

  • Identify and follow the trust levels of customers, their opinions, and attitudes in automated customer support services.

  • Possible reuse of known and proven drugs for use against new diseases.

  • Detect, prevent and predict threats in real-time in the field of cybersecurity.

  • Locate faces and identify facial emotions.

  • Speech recognition.

  • Video classification.

What's in store for the future?

Besides all of its current applications, the future looks full of promise for Deep Learning. Opportunities for the further development of autonomous vehicles, as well as systems to manage their mobility and urban traffic, the development of new devices for remote medical diagnostics, the design of new materials, as well as the design of advanced multi-language machine translation systems, are some of the products and services based on the use of Deep Learning that we will be able to count on in the near future.

Where do I start?

Are you interested in developing a Deep Learning solution for your organization? We can help you.

The time to take advantage and enjoy all of the benefits that state-of-the-art technology can deliver for your business is now.

Get in touch with Cobuild Lab and we'll carefully analyze your needs so we can build together a solution that successfully applies some of the Deep Learning methods and technology to transform your company.

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