Best practices to follow when you use software development for staff augmentation

Best practices to follow when you use software development for staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation is one of the most used strategies by companies to be able to attract highly qualified personnel, with the necessary experience to cover each one of the deficiencies that the work or development team has. If you are thinking of implementing this methodology within your company, you must take into account some recommendations to be able to make this a resounding success that meets its goals throughout the development process:

1. Communicates your company's vision and goals

You must understand that communicating the objectives and values of the company to your employees, whether they are permanent or contract workers, allows them to understand a little more about what they are doing there, and why they are doing it. Communicating this to new developers, incorporated under this modality, allows them to understand a little more about the scope of the project, what they want to achieve, and makes them feel more identified with the work. Let them see how this will contribute to the growth of the company.

2. Have clear communication at all times with the development team

Communication between the development team and you is one of the most important factors when developing an application or software. At the beginning of any project, the means of communication must be established, to avoid misunderstandings in the end. Using successful communication it is possible to raise each one of the phases of the project, objectives, it is possible to foment the collaboration and even the transfer of information between the developers and you. In short, a large percentage of project success relies on effective communication.

3. Be Flexible

In a development project, flexibility is a very important aspect to ensure that all objectives are achieved. When you increase the staff for this type of development, these people usually have a wide experience and trajectory in application and software development, so you must allow them to express their disagreements, ideas, and possible improvements, the more they contribute to the project, the more efficient it will be. This is why developments that are a little more flexible tend to be much more successful.

4. Determine work roles

By defining the work roles you are taking a big step towards the success of your project. The roles in a development project should be defined from the start so that everyone knows what they have to do. This distribution of roles should be equitable in terms of workloads and according to the capacity of each one. Clearly defined roles also provide developers with a point of contact to share ideas and provide feedback.

All staff should know the individual steps of the project, including when meetings are scheduled, what tasks have been assigned and to whom.

5. Implement management tools and technology

By implementing management tools and technology, we can ensure that we will have a very orderly project, focused on the fulfillment of each of the stages, ensure the respect of budget limits, respect the schedule, comply with the scope, adhere to quality standards, and achieve the expected benefits. It has been proven that the use of these tools facilitates the work of developers, allowing them to focus more on the design and structure of the development.

6. Ensure a documented code

Documenting the development code is of utmost importance for the total success of the project. All companies should ensure that developers keep a record of the code at each stage of development. Software and applications must be constantly updated so it is vital and of utmost importance that the entire team can read and understand the code.

So, now you know a bit more about how to carry out your staff increase by using software correctly. This methodology is a great opportunity and alternative to have high-performance teams today. Be sure to follow these recommendations and enjoy the results. If you need a software tool for this activity we can help you, and if you need professionals of software development as part of your team, we can do it too. So in any case, contact us.

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