Do you Know What Your Main Logistic Processes Are? Here We Show You Some and Explain How Software can Improve Them

Do you Know What Your Main Logistic Processes Are? Here We Show You Some and Explain How Software can Improve Them

Logistics management is the process that helps meet customer expectations and the goals of your commercial organization.

It includes everything from tangible goods that are necessary for production (supplies, equipment, raw materials) to information, human capital, software tools involved, packaging, delivery, storage, handling, and even security.

It is one of the main macro processes within any business (small, medium, or large). And that’s why it is essential to know its components and a brief explanation of why they are important; what can be done to improve them.

We will see all this in this post below.

Approaches to the Logistics Process

Logistics management has a double focus: the inbound, which allows the proper internal functioning of the company, and the external, also known as outbound logistics, which channels from storage or point of origin to consumption by the customer.

Experts in logistics or companies that are dedicated to this have logisticians on their team who use software tools as their best allies.

Main Logistic Processes:

1. Supply Management

This main logistic process includes the coordination and handling of supplies and materials needed for the production processes and any internal task of the company. It includes the transportation and storage of raw materials, and their delivery in the necessary stage for each process.

It involves human capital, but necessarily requires software tools that manage the level of supply and coordinate deliveries, purchases, and inventory.

If this logistics process fails, your company's productivity could be affected. And if you do not produce, your profits decrease, and finances deteriorate.

This makes it a key process.

The ideal software solutions for this process are ERP software as:

Demand Management Software Advanced Planning & DRP Software Finite Scheduling Software

2. Distribution and Transport of Materials and Products

This logistics process involves personnel, software tools, and the hardware needed to move the raw material or inputs from one place to another, the charging and discharging, the transportation of employees, the tracking of stock, and the transportation of your product to the final consumer.

There are many details involved in this process, and that is why you need a team of logisticians as well as enough quality tools to help you coordinate these actions.

The tools you should look for are TMS or Transportation Management Software. There are several options in the market, but this process varies a lot from one company to another, so we recommend that you develop your own tool for it.

3. Product Management and Logistics

In this process, production and service activities are managed. It is the main economic activity on which the financial stability of your company depends.

It implies having in the right place and at the right time, the human capital, the tools, inputs, software necessary for the flow of your company's core business. It is a matter of coordination.

You only know these specific tools because they are very particular to each company. If you need to develop software that automates some processes and makes them efficient, you can contact us, and we will gladly support you in the mission.

4. Reverse Logistics and Product Returns

This type of logistics is not so famous, but it is necessary to take it into account because it is a reality that will be presented to you in your processes.

It refers to the reverse of materials or supplies, or even the return of products from customers, for nonconformity.

When this happens, there must be a tool and a team to channel it.

If you need to change any of your supplies or correct any error in the transfer, a team must control this process, and it is recommended that it be different from the transfer team so as not to overload the functions.

Every main logistics process of your company is essential, and the software tools are your great allies to safeguard and improve them constantly. You can use some of the commercial

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