Custom software + Artificial intelligence + IoT: Why is it our dream tech stack?

Custom software + Artificial intelligence + IoT: Why is it our dream tech stack?

The software development industry evolves nearly at the speed of light, and our commitment as service providers is to offer the best solutions for your processes according to these trends. Based on this idea, we developed a solid and useful formula that we consider the perfect solution for almost any enterprise challenge. In this post, we'll explain it well, so first, meet the key elements: Custom software + AI + IoT.

Let's talk about custom software, AI, and IoT as individual solutions

1. Custom software offers an unlimited solution

We've shared the benefits of a custom software tool before, although it never hurts to remember that it represents a blank canvas, on which you'll have the opportunity to develop a tool that perfectly solves your company's challenges in logistics , supply chain management , task management, employee management, customer communication , and any other area.

Off-the-shelf tools work, and you can acquire them easily, but in many cases, you'd have unnecessary features or not enough features in comparison with ​your necessities, process, and activities. Off-the-shelf tools have a mass design, they were created under standard processes and activities. So, they don't work for those who, with effort, have broken out of standards to offer premium products and services.

Custom software is a guarantee to differentiate your company by developing a tool that is 100% matched with your requirements, and even better, with unlimited scalability and integration into your ecosystem.

2. It isn’t magic, It’s Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence allows us to combine the best resources of the human intelligence and mind, with algorithms, code, and sometimes hardware, which improve the development of an activity or the logic of a process, taking them beyond what a human can do.

It's more than a trend in the development of customized software tools. It's become a necessity. A current software provider can't leave out of a project the potential of this technology.

AI algorithms learn differently than we do, they look at things differently. They can see relationships and patterns that escape our minds, and as they store data and execute actions, the algorithm perfects itself. Artificial intelligence allows a tool to complement human work, minimize errors, store data efficiently, and a host of other benefits that cannot be overlooked when developing software solutions.

3. IoT came when we were looking for the perfect match between software, hardware, and the internet

Controlling your processes, managing your information, and performing activities (even physical) from anywhere in the world or just from your mobile device such as through remote control is a benefit that we can enjoy today thanks to the IoT ( the internet of things ).

IoT is the solution we always wanted to have. The one we've been dreaming about for a long time, even in science fiction movies.

It is software and hardware matched in a digital ecosystem (internet) and controlled by you from different and easily accessible devices.

A study conducted by Ericsson states that there will be nearly 22 billion internet-connected devices in the next 3-4 years.

Why do we think custom software + AI + IoT is the winning tech stack?

Incorporating artificial intelligence, hardware and internet (IoT) and customized software allows you to achieve a technological ecosystem that solves 100% of your problems or just improves your current results, fully compatible with your environments, scalable over time, synchronized to the internet, and complimentary with the work of your team automating daily and repetitive tasks with robots or intelligent devices.

This is the top of the iceberg because the possibilities are endless. If you are interested in learning more about it, contact us and find out how to take your company to its full potential.

These are some supportive reasons for the idea of AI, IoT, and custom software as the best software solutions today:

  • Full automation of manual processes and tasks. Streamline processes.
  • Workflows improvement.
  • Safer data storage and management.
  • More accessibility.
  • At least a 30% increase in productivity
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Effective and sustainable software
  • Unlimited IT support
  • High reliability. Robust and full-tested technologies and companies supporting (behind) your solution. For example: Amazon Web Services.
  • Mitigate human error
  • Increase employee satisfaction.
  • Maximize the ROI (return of investment)

Who can benefit the most with this formula?

1. Medium and large-size businesses with IT and software development team, that desire outsourced developers to solve a specific issue in the company. For example new integrations. It’s a kind of software on demand.

2. Small-sized businesses without a software team but with the desire and comprehension of custom software benefits as a key to business development.

3. Companies who want and can develop a tool tailored to your desires.

Final say:

At Cobuild Lab we've developed tools to solve logistics & supply chain issues, as well as other types of software solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

We started doing it locally, in Miami, but over time we've increased our range of action, up to where we are today, developing custom software + Artificial Intelligence + IoT tools for companies around the world. With a remote team of high performance and commitment, we'll work to meet your goals. There are more than 40 developers, in different areas, ready to offer your company the needed solution, as fast as possible and with zero waste implementation. Contact us and find out how we achieve it, and how we can add our background to your company.

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