For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

At Cobuild Lab, we’ve been helping Business Owners, Managers, CTO’s, COO’s and IT leaders automate business processes with custom software solutions, artificial Intelligence models and IOT hardware.


Custom Software Development

We will find the solution for lack of agility for decision making, disparate data and systems, communication delays and bottlenecks, incompatibility with new technologies, and more.

Process and Workflow Automation

Reduce monotonous manual data entry with integrated systems and databases. Your customers will enjoy a smooth experience when accessing information at-all times.

Artificial Intelligence optimization

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence helps to prevent overstocking, inadequate inventory, and unexpected outputs. Through the automation of time-consuming and error-prone jobs.

Product Development

Stay ahead with game-changing technologies, and leverage the opportunities of always keeping pace with the customers’ demands and expectations.

Digital Transformation Assessment

Solve the uncertainty of not knowing what your business maturity is regarding its digital blueprint. Before Digital Transformation adoption, you need to know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

IT Infrastructure Support

We will ensure the stability and high performance of your processes with IT infrastructure support. Issues to decode: unproductive employees, costly digital transformation alternatives, and more.

Competitive Advantage

Business Value

  • ☛ Strong engineering background

  • ☛ iOS and Android experience

  • ☛ Zero waste, sustainable process

Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage

Industry Experience:

  • ☛ Logistics and productivity challenges turned into competitive advantages.

  • ☛ Process and Workflow Automation.

  • ☛ Risk, errors and cost reduction


We turn your problems into Advantages

We solve Logistics and Supply Chain challenges:

  • ☛ Improve Shipping time

  • ☛ Order accuracy enhancement

  • ☛ Delivery time Tracking

  • ☛ Warehousing and Transportation Costs optimization

Logistics and Supply Chain

Productivity Problems

We solve Productivity challenges

  • ☛ Track, Manage and Automate custom processes in your organization

  • ☛ Obtain 360 degrees visibility of your Business

  • ☛ Streamline time-consuming approvals workflows

  • ☛ Identify instantly and Fix errors in your processes

We solve Trucking and Transportation troubles:

  • ☛ Route optimization

  • ☛ Labor productivity

  • ☛ Loading or unloading time

  • ☛ Analysis of the number of claims filed, resolved, and resolution time

Trucking and transportation



Team Experts



Client Feedback

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Cobuild Lab Inc performed admirably in every aspect of the engagement, delivering a high-quality final product. Communicative and dedicated, the team developed a good understanding of the project and exceeded expectations in terms of quality and work ethic.

Andres Aguerrevere

Internal Dashboard Dev for Digital Marketing Agency

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